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"In launching My Money Resource at, our goal is to provide a valuable financial information resource to our members. Our staff is excited to be able to recommend the site to members and have commented how great the content is and how easy the site is to use. In these uncertain times, providing a resource center that encourages sound money management seemed the best way to support our members' financial success."

David Clendaniel, CEO/President, Dover Federal Credit Union

Looking for a fun way to interact and increase engagement with members? Try a microsite or mini website!

To Micro or to Mini
A microsite is a small website, built with just a few pages, that is generally for a specific promotion, campaign or demographic group.

A mini-website is typically more robust, consisting of more than 5 pages of content as a website for a specific purpose. We usually see them as financial resources or for youth marketing or for social media interaction.

Freedom to Design
Either can take on its own personality, not being restricted to the same brand graphics as your main site. You can add blogs, discussion boards, resources, and other content that is meant to move your members into a bit more intimate setting to let them provide input, find answers and feel connected.

Easy to Add – Easy to Track Activity
One offer that we have at LemmonTree to enable experimenting with different branding is to house your micro and mini sites here at our hosting site, With a domain name for the site, we can set up tracking through Google Analytics to track the activity on your site! Plus, often it is much less expensive to have the micro or mini site on our server rather than as part of your corporate site due to restrictions by the large ISPs like Harland/Cavion or Digital Insight.

Quick Design & Upload
You can have your micro or mini up quickly, usually within two weeks to one month depending on how much content you have prepared and how fast you approve the design.

A Few Examples

LemmonTree Marketing Group: My Dover Federal
Online Financial Resource Center
LemmonTree has developed a financial education microsite for client, Dover Federal Credit Union, named My Money Resource at The concept is to have an expandable resource section that keeps online members/customers coming back to the general website as the trusted place to get information. The resource site empowers their members to make healthier, more educated financial decisions by offering advice on topics such as budgeting, investing, financial planning and more. Also included is a space for members to share how the Credit Union helped them achieve success!
Reaching Teens
To help our clients reach teens, we developed the microsite, 'Getting Started', that offers financial and life tips to teens. With the ability to be branded, 'Getting Started' is a financial tool that can be used by parents with teens to help generate discussion about money management. Theásite is a place your teen members can visit to read fun articles, receive savings tips, use financial calculators, watch videos, and more!
Social Media Site is a site developed for Arizona Central Credit Union to provide a resource for members and prospective membersto network, talk about the economy, and view financial solutions. The site has an interactive blog (Get Talking), partner company link (Get Connected), resource center (Get Answers) and information on special offers at Arizona Central (Get Info).
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