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"Incredible. So easy to read and very useful!"
Emily, 17

"A great guide to encourage and help you understand the significance of saving money."
Ashlee N., 17

"Wow, I never knew saving money was so easy. Now I know how to keep track of all that I spend."
Drew H., 18

A New Way to Engage Young Adults

Hear what one teen, Amanda, has to say about the Getting Started microsite
Click here to view the site that is designed to be a quick microsite, offering opportunities to match your corporate brand, and easy to add more content.

"Getting Started" - financial and life tips to help your teen members manage their money.
Financial education is important for teens and young adults as well as for their parents to discuss with them. What better way to educate teens about money than online? With a simple microsite, teens can gain financial and life tips to "Get Started" financially. From money management, to understanding how to build credit, to identity theft, there are several topics for getting teens better informed about their money.

While housed here on, you can make the Getting Started microsite your very own because we are able to add your logo, branding or any other features you would like to specifically include. Some clients choose to add videos, our Youth Online Games, teen polls or links to other online social sites. It's your microsite so your ideas come first!

The micro site is fun to read, tested with some high school students, and jam packed with the information young people need to get started with their finances!

Other benefits:

  • Easy and cost efficient to brand and implement, with copy already designed
  • Justifies your positioning as a financial resource
  • Attracts more business from youth, parents and grandparents
  • Extends your brand to the whole family, creating lifelong relationships
Take a virtual tour! Click on the button to get started.
Our microsite is also available in booklet form. The booklet is a great handout during the account opening process and parents will also find it a useful tool to talk about money with their kids.
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